Support Organisations in Lebanon

The Afro-Asian Migrant Centre (AAMC)

Provides a place for housemaids to come on their day off. Provides religious instruction and guidance to migrants through a radio program on the Voice of Charity radio station 87.5 FM, 105.8 FM and 106.2 FM every Sunday between 8:00pm and 9:30pm, and on Friday afternoon at 4:00pm. The program includes a reading of the gospel, publicizes activities and offers advice to its listeners in their own languages. Publishes, with the assistance of migrant workers, a periodic newsletter entitled Solidarity.

Located in Université St. Joseph’s church, 1st Floor, near Tabaris, Ashrafieh, Beirut.

Caritas Lebanon Migrant Centre

Provides support in terms of legal and social assistance, including counselling and access to health insurance to migrant workers and refugees.Provides education for migrants’ children and assistance for repatriation and resettlement.Provides orientation sessions to help newly-arrived workers find mutual support and protect themselves. Assists trafficked women and migrant workers and provides support to detained workers in prisons.

The Centre is located in Sin El Fil, Beirut. HOTLINE: +961 3/092538 from abroad03/092538 from Lebanon.

The Pastoral Care of Afro-Asian Migrants (PCAAM)

Works in coordination with the Catholic priests and sisters who assist migrant workers. Provides migrant workers with spiritual guidance and promotes their collective sense of belonging. PCAAM meets monthly in the AAMC. It also provides those workers with legal assistance and guidance.

PCAAM’s President is Bishop Antoine Nabil Andari; the centre is coordinated by Father Martin McDermott, a Jesuit priest at Université St. Joseph Church in Beirut. Located in 1st Floor, near Tabaris, Beirut.

Beirut Bar Association (Institute for Human Rights)

Provides legal assistance when needed through its Committee of legal aid.

01 480551 / 01 423943.
Located in Institute for Human Rights Qasr el Adel Beirut – Lebanon

Syndicate of recruitment agencies in Lebanon

Provides employment agencies in Lebanon with some training on codes of conduct and good practices.

Located in Badaro Street, Traboulsi Building, 4th floor, Beirut.

Migrant Workers Task Force (MWTF)

Migrant Workers Task Force (MWTF) aims at improving the situation of migrant workers in Lebanon through grassroots initiatives. Every Sunday, language classes in Arabic, English and French are held from 12 to 2 pm at Zico House in Sanayeh, Beirut.

Tel: 00961 70 066880

The Anti-Racism Movement (ARM)

The Anti-Racism Mouvement (ARM) is a movement aiming at monitoring, documenting and taking action against all forms of racism in Lebanon, especially towards migrant domestic workers. So if you have any story to share, any place/ beach/ restaurant/ agency to report, or have heard of any death case of a domestic worker, please write to Also, if any migrant community wants to organize a cultural celebration, then members of ARM can support and help organize such events.

Tel: 00 961- 71 421593


KAFA (enough) Violence & Exploitation is a non-profit Lebanese Organization dedicated to fighting violence against women. KAFA’s Listening and Counseling Center (LCC) assists victims of violence, including migrant domestic workers who are victims of physical and sexual abuse. The LCC provides: social and legal counseling, legal representation, referral to a forensic doctor for medical report (legal proof of abuse), and referral to a shelter.

Victims of violence can contact KAFA 24/7 at 03 018 019.
Tel: 01 392220-1
Address: 43, Beydoun Building, 1st Fl., Badaro St., Beirut, Lebanon.

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