Government Services in Lebanon

Ministry of Labour -Department of Foreign Labour Force

Authorizes work permits for foreigners.
Monitors illegal immigrants. 01/556829

Ministry of Interior - Directorate General of General Security - The Foreigners Service

Responsible for issuing work entry visas and residence permits.
Monitors foreigners in Lebanon.
Prepares documents related to foreigners deportation and security breaching incidents.
Follows up on residence permits for foreigners.
Regulates and facilitatesdeparture and arrival of travellers of different nationalities.

To inform the Directorate General of General Security of cases where workers have been subjected to physical or emotional abuse or sexual harassment, please contact the ‹Security Room› at the following numbers within 48 hours of the offence:

Ministry of Interior - Police Forces

Monitors illegal immigrants in Lebanon and verifies the status of their papers such as passports, residence cards, work permits and other requirements, in coordination with relevant authorities in order to manage their return travel to their home countries.
To inform the police of any offence that has been committed, call 112.

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